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2020 was a year of alphabetical symbols


Happy New Year and welcome to our first edition for 2021! We hope you had an enjoyable break over the holiday season.

Though 2020 turned out better than where everyone thought where we would be in March as COVID 19 spooked the markets, it was a year where investors pictured the markets as alphabetical symbols.

According to fund manager Capital Group fund manager, “with all the talk about V-shaped, U-shaped and W-shaped economic recoveries, K-shaped may be the more appropriate alphabetical symbol. Major sectors of the global economy have moved in sharply different directions, reflecting the disparity between companies that have benefited from the COVID-19 pandemic and those that have been crushed by it. For some areas of the economy — restaurants, hotels, retailers, airlines and small businesses — it has literally been the worst of times. “ To read more on investment outlook, click here.


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